Design and Construction Management Services

Professional Expierence and Credentials

        BS Civil Engineering               University of Missouri

        MS Civil Engineering               Stanford University

        Registered Professional Engineer California C30500

Mr. Honeycutt is Lead Design and Construction Manager for Design & Construction Management Services, Inc.  (DCMS).  Mr. Honeycutt is responsible for all work performed by DCMS.  Mr. Honeycutt is a Senior Design and Construction Manager with 34 years’ of professional engineering and construction experience including design, design reviews, constructability reviews, construction management, project controls, CPM scheduling and cost estimating for heavy engineering projects encompassing water, wastewater, tunnels, pipelines, and marine construction.


Mr. Honeycutt’s extensive experience in design and construction of all sizes of advanced water and wastewater treatment plant facilities, water conveyance, and other heavy engineering infrastructure provides for comprehensive insights into project planning and construction issue resolution, contractor negotiation and procurement skills, constructability and value engineering, and brings a broad perspective of construction management skills to projects from preliminary and final design through bidding, procurements, and construction.  Mr. Honeycutt’s varied construction management experience, design expertise, and contractor’s background in field operations, cost estimating, and company management allow him to give accurate evaluations of design and construction issues and the ability to make well defined assessments of project organization and documentation, procurement procedures, scheduling, materials and equipment and efficient field operations.


Mr. Honeycutt has provided project management and leadership in the construction of over 150 public infrastructure projects varying in size from 500 thousand to 500 million dollars.

Major Public Infrastructure Programs

Sewer System Improvement Program

Water System Improvement Program

Lower Northwest Interceptor Program

Groundwater Replenishment Program

North East Oregon Fisheries

Development of CM Practice

Water System Improvement Program

Mather AFB Basewide Remediation





Bonneville Power Administration

British Columbia Hydro, Canada


Rancho Cordova, CA

Representative Public Infrastructure Projects

Heavy Civil

Calaveras Dam Inlet/Outlet Works

Irvington Tunnel

Clark County Shooting Park



Clark County Public Works

Water Transmission and Treatment

Bexar Met International WTP

Del Valle Water Treatment Plant  

Willamette WTP       

Upgrade Disinfection Facilities   

Roselle Crossover - Hetch Hetchy

CS/SA Transmission System Upgrade

Baden and San Pedro Valve Lot

Diemer Ozone Retrofit Project

Joseph Jensen Filtration Plant Repairs

Miramar WTP 

Silver Creek Zone Pump Sta & Res

Begonia Water Treatment Plant

Clearview Water Supply Project 

San Antonio, Texas 

Alameda County Zone 7

Wilsonville, OR

Alameda County WD  






City of San Diego, CA

San Jose MWS

Cal-Am Water, Carmel,CA

Snohomish Water Dist, WA

Wastewater Treatment

Easterly WW Treatment Plant

Fairfield Suisun WWTP         

Napa WWTP                 

Jackson WWTP  

Filter Expansion Project            

Clarifier No. 3       

Harbor WWTP and Pipeline            

Laguna WWTP           

Corning WWTP                

Sun City WWTP Expansion           

Guadalupe WWTP    

El Portal WWTP Modifications       

Carmel Valley Ranch WWTP        

Moss Ave. Pumping Station          

Avalon Pumping Station   

Halfmoon Bay WWTP                

Richmond WWTP Sludge Pump Sta 

Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Palo Alto WWTP Exp. 

Los Virgines WWTP        

City of Vacaville

City of Fairfield 

Napa Sanitation District

Jackson, CA 

SCRWA - Gilroy, CA

Dublin-San Ramon SD

Cresent City, CA

Santa Rosa, CA

Corning, CA  

Sun City, CA

Guadalupe, CA

Yosemite, CA

Carmel Valley Ranch, CA 

Santa Monica, CA 

Catalina Island, CA

Sewer Auth Mid Coastside  

Richmond, CA

Elko, NV

Palo Alto, CA

Malibu, CA

Underground, Marine and Tunneling

Pier D&T 54" Horiz Direction Drill

Upper Northwest Interceptor - 7

60" Sewer Tunnel Santa Monica Pier

Port of Long Beach, CA


Santa Monica, CA

Architectural, Building and Other

SFO Airport Parking Garage 

New Water Quality Lab  

Carmel Valley Ranch Golf Clubhouse

Kingwood SCADA   

City of San Francisco


Carmel Valley, CA

Houston, Texas 


Fish Trap and Transport  

Walla Walla Fish Screens    

Pyramid Lake Fish Hatchery  

Upper Grand Ronde Rearing Facility

Catherine Creek Rearing Facility

Burlingame Fish Ladder  

Gorill Fish Ladder  

Upper Baker Baffle Modifications  

Soda Springs Fish Passage 

Puget Sound Energy, WA

Walla Walla, WA

Pyramid Lake, NV

Le Grande, OR

Le Grande, OR

Milton-Freewater, OR

Durham, CA

Baker Lake, WA

Umpqua River, OR


$200M Rinconada Water Treatment Plant Construction, SCVWD 
DCMS Provides QA Inspection and Cost Estimating Services