Design and Construction Management Services

DCMS, Inc. Provides Professional Engineering

and Construction Management Services


DCMS offers a wide range of Design and Construction Management Services; from Planning to Preconstruction and Construction through Startup and Closeout.  We provide timely solutions to our Client's greatest Design and Construction Concerns.  We are dedicated to the success of our Clients and Projects. 


Contact us for a free consultation and references of Mr. Honeycutt's past professional and project experience.  Working together we can solve your most difficult Design and Construction Challenges.


Services Offered:

Planning  -  Design  -  Estimating  -  Scheduling  -  Procurement

Risk Management  -  Project Management

Construction Management  -  Facility Startup and Testing

Claims Resolution  -  Expert Witness 

Mr. Honeycutt Facilitated the Startup and Testing of Advanced Process and Control Systems for Easterly WWTP

Mr. Honeycutt Provided Design Review of Waterman WTP

Preconstruction Services:

We can assit your team in planning and CPM scheduling.

We specialize in evaluating design alternatives  for construction cost, efficiency, schedule and risk of delivery. 

Post Construction Services:

We can facilitate Process and Control Testing, System Startup, Facility Testing and Commissioning. 

CM Services:

We have experience and specialized expertise in all areas of Construction Management from Project Controls to Qaulaity Assurance.


Claims Resolution:

We can help resolve claims, analyze root causes of claims, and mediate disputes.